Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beautiful wonders

Have you ever just marveled at the beauty of your dwelling place?
Have you ever truly taken a close look at the wonders that surround you every day?
Did you ever just stop to admire the scenery? 
Have you ever felt such peace, as a breeze flitted through the air.
I don't stop to appreciate nearly enough, but the other day as my husband and I were driving through town, I glanced at the ocean and felt my heart skip a beat at the sight.
The vast blue/green water that went father than your eyes could see, was absolutely captivating, the kind you see in a movie or photo shopped pictures... I'm telling you this ocean was to die for. The view beyond paradise and the breeze took my breath away.
The tide was in and closer than I had ever seen it, with beautiful, reckless waves crashing so dangerously close.  The sight literally held me frozen in awe and respect for this untamed beauty.
It was almost as if the sea had a storm raging inside its heart and was trying to let loose, and right past the waves that crashed, it was dead calm with an eary sort of silence, as if it was disconnected from the angry yet strangely enchanting waves that played on the sand. The calm was as if it held a secret to tell....
I hope you enjoy these pictures, they aren't the best quality as I had begged my husband to pull over so I could snap a few pictures of the sea, I snapped them from my phone so my apologies that they aren't up to par with my normal pictures.

 Have a wonderful day and don't forget to spend some time looking at the beautiful world around you. This is Mrs Oorah signing out.

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