Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hearty chili and evening thoughts.

Baking is my getaway and cooking is my escape. Sometimes we need a breath of fresh air from the hum-drum of our everyday lives, for me, my kitchen is my place of solace. A place where I can turn up my pandora and select a genre that will make my heart soar, as I get right down to business, creating new meals and experimenting with recipes I already have. Tonight I needed that time of free spirited~ness and abandonment of my worries, so tonight was hearty chili and honey butter cornbread.

I didn't follow a recipe for my chili, I just kind of went with it, and the result was pretty good.

 My Recipe
1 and a half pounds of ground beef 
McCormick chili seasoning/sauce
One can pinto beans 
One can chili beans 
One can kidney beans

  For the Chili: I cooked the meat in a skillet until it had browned completely, and then drained the fat. Adding the sauce and beans as I set it back on the stove. I let it cook up to a boil and then let it simmer for about fifteen minutes. Then turned off the stove, but kept the lid on the pan to keep all the flavor in and allow them to mingle together.
I topped the chili with a handful of shredded cheddar cheese and a dollop of sour cream.
 cornbread Something I would have done different for the chili, would be, add two packets of sauce instead of one, add a can of stewed tomatoes and let it cook just a wee bit longer to accentuate the flavor more so.

 For the Cornbread: I combined one original and one honey butter Marie Calenders cornbread mix and baked them in a greased rectangular cake pan for thirty minutes. 

Finished results, waiting on the husband to get home from work

 Nice and simple, easy for a hurried weeknight meal but also tasty and full of flavor.

 cornbread Eat hearty and I hope you enjoy the post. 

This is Mrs Oorah signing out for the evening. 

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