Friday, December 19, 2014

Baby bump and Christmas parties

Well let's start off this post with the Christmas party aspect, last night mr Oorah and I stayed up late baking goodies for his office party. (More like I baked and he Xboxed). 

I made chocolate chunk brownies and strawberry cheesecake muffins! 

The house smelled so so so good I was literally in heaven. I used a mix for both of them and I totally have a legitimate excuse for being lazy and not whipping up a batch of truly "homemade" goodies....(I'll explain later).

 Anyway, they must not have been too shabby, because there wasn't a whole lot in the leftover department! Which totally makes me smile, but I was glad there was a little so I could snack on a brownie or two oooor three...

Today is *his* company party that I get to attend as well, I'm a wee bit nervous because lets face it, I am about as * *SHY* as they come! But I have a brand new, blush~pink colored sweater top with tiny silver flecks shooting through it that I get to wear today!!:)

*Story time* 
4:00 a.m. Came extra early this morning and I had to practically drag him out of bed, today was the day we would find out.... After a very sad moment back in July, I just didn't think I could handle more heartache like that..... It was the longest three minutes of my life waiting on the results to be clear.... I listened to the clock as seconds passed by ..... Tick.tock.tick.tock.tick.... And then the timer rang loud and clear into the sleep quiet house.... I rushed downstairs to catch him as he was headed out the door for work....Ok enough theatrics to put you on the edge of your seat.

Now onto the biggest*scarriest*most wonderful*exciting* news of the day. 

Mr Oorah and I are expecting a bitty one in May, we couldn't be more excited or happier if we tried !
Lil bitty at 14 weeks:)

I can't believe that God entrusted us with this gift, such a big responsibility its a tad frightening.... 
But somehow I know that since He gave us this miracle, that with His help, we won't fail :) 
Baby and I are 18 and a 1/2 weeks along and growing bigger every day ! 

We find out gender on Monday evening so make sure to cast your pink or blue vote in the comments below. 
Me at 16weeks
18 weeks 

Well this has been a refreshing morning and I hope your day is just as wonderful as mine is.
This is mrs Oorah signing out.


  1. 1. You look absolutely adorable.
    2. I'm hoping for pink but voting blue...


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