Friday, December 26, 2014

Chicken and Rice Soup

Christmas was sweet/bitter this year. Spent with fellow Army people that didn't take leave and their relatives couldn't come either.

I think that's what I love the most about Army life. The instant family atmosphere. Just like the soup in this post.

But we had to leave early cause of my tummy.
That would be the bitter part. It's not fun to spend Christmas with your head in a toilet.

But you know what is awesome?

The Soldier Man.

That is right .

My husband .

He has taken SUCH good care of me!!!
From bringing home the 11th season of NCIS to making homemade chicken and rice soup.

And can we just talk about NCIS for a sec?

It's my favorite show of allllllllllllllllllllll freakin time.

And no. I don't have TV. So yes . I'm playing catch up.

So when Ziva left. My world was totally crushed annnnnnnndddddd when I heard that they replaced her with a blonde....... I may have been bitter. Just maybe.


I love the way she makes a mess when she's focused. I love the way she totally reminds me of Rapunzel from Tangled.
It's like having a Disney Princess in NCIS !!!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing her future roles and the relationship development with the rest of the team Gibbs.


Now for the chicken soup.

I like to get a roasted chicken I(or a few) from the deli at the market. You can thank my brother in law Mr. Oorah for steering me onto that. Shred the meat and put them in ziploc bags to freeze. This makes dinner much less hectic for me.

Chop up onion, carrot and celery(1/2 onion ,1 carrot and 1celery)  really fine and then sautee their socks off in some real cows butter. If vegetables actually had socks.

I like to do this all in one pot. Sautee the veg first , then add about a cup of shredded chicken and a palm full of rice to the buttery bubble mixture. Now add half a carton of chicken stock. Put a pkg of ranch seasoning and some garlic powder to taste. A shot of tobasco gives it a kick and will clear the sinus ;) Low boil till the rice is tender. Enjoy !!

What I love , love, love about this recipe is the flexibility. Since the Soldier Man made this pot , it has wayyyyyyy more chicken and rice and not so much broth. But it was as always ...Amazing :)

Some times I add more spices , veggie, or rice.
Sometimes I get Uncle Ben's wild rice and just dump the contents, seasoning and all in the soup. It is so good :) so healing :) and so full of love ! <3

Have a beautiful day lovlies , Mrs.
Hooah <3

P.s. Aren't my guys just too cute ? I think so :)

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  1. I feel like my mom made that one time when we were visiting and everyone was sick...anyway looks good, and your men are adorable!


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