Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas shopping and Teriyaki leftovers

It's like , I don't even know where the time went.  But life has been settled. And I am so very ready to start blogging . I'm so excited that I get to start smack in the middle of the Christmas season ! I freakin' love Christmas ! 

Today was a great time out of the house after our family has had a serious bout with the flu .
We went to the mall and picked up a few Christmas presents , some Japanese food , and much needed family time.

Best part?

Leftover Japanese food!!!!!!!

Yeah baby . Next time you come home with leftover steamed rice and Teriyaki chicken and shrimp.... Do this :

Cut bell pepper into strips and mix some apricot jam, onion powder, garlic, and leftover meat together.
Put it all in a hot skillet and then pour it over hot rice.

Heck, yes :)

On that note.... I will leave you to enjoy the awesomeness :)

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