Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jesus and some Apple pie for the soul.

Sometimes you just need to curl up in your comfy spot, eat pie and focus on your blessings. 

Today was hard, this morning I felt like I had gone through the ringer and back. I woke with *baby belly* aches and pains, and after a night of multiple bathroom trips to relieve my pressured bladder, I was in no mood to even wake up. But As luck would have it, someone from the church we visited last Sunday was dropping by today to say hi and welcome the newcomers. Normally I would have been exstatic, but I wasn't ... My lil home was a tad messy and I wasn't wanting to get up and clean... Let's face the truth, I had a rotten attitude and may have been less than pleasant to my sweet husband. Every time he mentioned a way of helping more or doing something differently my attitude came shining through with bold colors. He didn't say a word, didn't correct me, didn't tell me to stop. He just let me be me (which of course made me feel worse) ... I prayed *Lord please change my attitude, even though I don't want to change it, please help me to want to change it.* I waited for the magical transformation... that wasn't happening right away like I wanted it to, and got back to cleaning. And soon enough I started looking forward to this coming guest. The Lord changed my heart ever so slowly and surely.  We finished our cleaning just in time to sit and breath for a moment before the bell rang. . . It was an enjoyable visit and they brought this emotionally distraught and tired pregnant woman *apple pie*. 
Oh my soul, it is the small things in life that truly keep you going.
This is mrs Oorah, signing out and saying have a blessing filled Saturday.


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