Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday goodness.

Monday goodness is taking a ten minute break to sip some delicious hot cocoa and snack on some Danish shortbread cookies. Bitty belly and I woke with a *i~don't~want~to~get~up* feeling, but something told my heart that, if I could just get up and give this day a try, I would  end up having a lovely, productive, gorgeous sunny day. So now I'm up and about and feeling so much better, fresh air floating through the windows can really lift your spirits! I have such a busy *to~do* list for today, that I fear I might not reach the end, and that's ok with me, as long as I put forth my best effort and then give a little more. I couldn't sleep last night so I gave myself a head start on today's list. I'm the kind of person that really sucks at sticking with something and seeing it through, but I decided that, that's not who I want to be anymore. And with the help of my sweet loving husband, and a whole lot of relying on Jesus, I know that I can do this and change into who I want to be. I want to be the kind of woman that keeps a simple, tidy, clean home. I want to be a woman who is active daily and puts God and her husband above her own feelings. It feels refreshing just saying it aloud as I type it into this post. I want to be a unselfish, humble, loving and kind woman. Ok so enough with the life changing moment and onto this list I have for today. 
On my list I have,
Mopping , dusting and wiping off counters.

Loving room:
And setting it to rights.

Upstairs: (this is where it gets painfully obvious that I have been slacking)

I have winter clothes to : fold, hang up, and sort through.... Doesn't sound like much, well let me tell you, these clothes have been sitting in a HUGE GINORMOUS pile on the floor for a week and have been driving me nuts. So today I have to get it done and pray that God helps me never ever let it happen again! 

I have scrubbing and sweeping/mopping the bathrooms
 And then my own personal walk a mile and do 50 squats. Task ahead... All before setting up and cooking dinner for my hard working husband to come home to. And I might want to make myself look presentable considering that I love him and don't want to scare him away! Plus tonight we find out bitty's gender and it want to look like a cute pregnant woman not a fat cave man. 

Ok well I think I have surpassed my *10~minute* window and should probably get back to it so that today will be a successfully productive day. 
Thanks for letting me share my random thoughts with you on this Monday.
This is Mrs Oorah signing out.

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