Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts: Perception vs. Reality

Perception is that I had a quiet morning beside a rain splattered window with these delish, homemade doughnut holes.

Reality is that the two year old woke me up two hours early, and it has been the opposite of quiet.


But when PT gets cancelled because of the rain, you turn refrigerator biscuits into doughnuts holes , and fried eggs into scrambled (because I messed them up).

Reality is that this morning is a pretty good morning.

Reality is that this is a perfect morning to enjoy the gifts that God has graciously given us.

And these are some mighty fine doughnuts holes.

Let's talk about these for a minute.

I put cinnamon and powdered sugar together. A little match making of the spices. Turns out they get along great. A pinch of ginger goes a long way with this sugary coating.

Tear up some Pillsbury refrigerator biscuits. Roll them into little balls and drop them into hot oil.

Low and slow is the key here. If the oil is too hot then the outside will cook and the inside won't.


I keep it between low and medium.

And keep them in there until they are a beautiful dark golden color.

Take them out and let them cool.

Then roll them around in that cinnamon/sugar coating.

Enjoy them.

Enjoy the reality of their delightfullness.

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