Sunday, January 4, 2015

A fashion post and New Year Resolution #1

Hello beautiful reader,

It's a good Sunday morning, after a good but long weekend out of town.

And after a few weeks of batting an idea back and forth, Mrs. Oorah and I have decided to add some fashion to the blog.

I'm super excited about sharing my love of fashion and thrift with you!

Let me just say for the record. You are all beautiful however you are right now !!!!  I don't believe that there is a single ugly looking person on the planet.

I believe in health.

I believe in finding what works best for our bodies to compliment it.

We should love our bodies and dress them accordingly.

I am by no means an expert at this.

Yes , I struggle with weight.

Sometimes I fail . Sometimes I win.

Sometimes I loath the reflection in the mirror . Sometimes I feel beautiful and full of life and energy.

But most important I believe this :

God made me. He designed my super long torso, my height, my features.
If He designed me and loves me and, then I should be grateful that He made me the way He did.

Granted I don't always follow that advice. But it is what I believe. And it is how I keep myself from an unhealthy hatred of my body. So many times I wish I was skinny or had more curve or was somehow different.

I'm super the way God made me.

Here is to embracing the body that He gave me and taking care of it!!


Part of embracing my own physical self is dressing it.


SO. Here is this morning's outfit for church. Bought entirely on sale , thrifted ,and  hand me downed, and the boots were a present from three years ago.

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