Saturday, January 24, 2015

Baby finds

Sweet little baby kicks, cause this mommy in waiting, to dream.... And shop....did I ever mention that I hate hate shopping, but now, I LOVE being able to shop for this sweet sugar thing in my tummy!
You guys, only four months left till I get to dress up my sweet doll. Barbie won't have anything on my lil sweet pea. So let's talk bows.... I won't terrorize my child by putting a bow or flower on her head that is equivalent to or larger than her head.... But come on now ... How adorable are these awesome pinterest finds?

The cutest swimsuit ideas for this summer....

Can I dress her like these sugar cookies allllll the time?

Also .... I miss my husband... He is on 24hr duty, and I'm being a soppy pregnant crybaby!
Look at his sweet smile and handsome face....look at it!!!!!

Ok enough staring at my husband, I can be nice but I don't want to share toooooooooo much.

Time with the younger brother is coming to an end, he heads home this next week, and we are sure going to miss him! He has kept me company and made sure I went on daily walks, and made me cook him food, and stayed up late xboxing with my Oorah love. But he has to get back home and start prepping for this soccer season!

Much love, mrs oorah❤️

1 comment:

  1. aaawwww so cute! good luck with your pregnancy! :)

    xx Honey


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