Sunday, January 11, 2015

Church selfie

Sundays can really be the loveliest of days, from the moment I woke, I knew today was going to be a good one. I lazily  yawned and stretched when dim light first came through the window. Listening to rain pitter pat on the roof right above me, also gave the morning a relaxing feel. Glancing over to the side and seeing my peacefully dreaming *Mr Oorah* made me smile and added to the sense of peace and calm my heart already felt. Early Sunday morning are my time to reflect on the past week, to pray about all the sensitive and difficult things that are on my heart, to curl up close to my husband and thank God that he, is mine. It is also my time to thank God for the sweetest of blessings that I am granted on a day to day basis. This morning my outfit came together perfectly... And I didn't even get a picture!!! I normally can't find a good combo to wear on Sundays and get frustrated before I even get out the door. But today was a floor length crochet dress that starts out in a cream color and changes to soft blue and later into a deep blue ombr√© sensation that is striking. Accented with a gray middle sleeve sweater a black belt and black ankle strap Mary Janes. (I did happen to get a picture of our smiles on the drive!!!)

The sermon was about how God wants us to be successful and grants us every opportunity to thrive in our life, for Him. It was a blessing to me and my husband and was a good *keep on going* message.

This afternoon we layed around on the couches and snuggled puppies and watched shows and seriously... We had a wonderful day.

Tonight my outfit *once again* for the rare occasion was on point. ~I have a picture~

  and the sermon, hearing the preacher talk about his goal and purpose and vision for himself and the congregation and the church was so uplifting and motivating to hear. And I truly pray that God will grant the church family strength and the ability to accomish so much. Tonight message was titled *heart and soul* and how God can truly use you when you give your life ... Whole life ... Heart and soul to Him.
I am so blessed to be able to hear good preaching as often as I want.

Have a marvelous Sunday night
Love me
Mrs oorah.❤️

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