Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pinterest Finds and Weekly Happenings

Workouts have been happening this week and the happy endorphines have been working=YAY!!

SEWING !!!! It's my therapy. (Besides wilderness, and horses)

I've been sewing beautiful Bebe Sophia things :)

I made ten bucks on a bet with the Soldier Man on how many squats I could do. Hello thrift store !

We started watching Hogan's Heroes.

If I'm ever a P.O.W. I want Hogan to be on my side. Genius. I know it's make believe but for REAL. I'm also dying laughing.

Pinterest deserts are counter productive to my eat healthy and workout thing. BUT boy howdy doesn't that look yummy?

Have a gorgeous day lovelies !

Love , Mrs.Hooah

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