Saturday, January 31, 2015

Spring yearning and Saturday happenings

I want warm breezes .

I want perfect sunny skies with huge white clouds shaped funny :)

I want to go pick wildflowers and have a picnic.

Who's with me ?

If I hadn't been in the mood for Spring already , these adorable fabrics would have sent me into a "I want spring NOW" fit.
I'll give you one guess as to whom these lovely prints are for.

I told you I was on a journey to get fit. I've been "trying" to eat sensible, control portion, calorie, focus on nutrition above all else.
Working out at the gym to which I am becoming addicted to!

Well my favorite workout was on the elliptical machine. It has this virtual trainer that cheers you on , and great workouts to choose from. It is also tucked into a sweet little corner where people are less likely to crowd.
Point YAY for people that don't do crowds.

Last night my beloved elliptical was occupied. DRATS!!

SO . I had to go down stairs to the multi equipment room . (Where all the pretty people workout ) andddddd I saw a treadmill. I don't like treadmills .

But I stepped on and actually started to enjoy myself.

Until I saw a button that said "change views".

And when the option to run in a forest in Germany popped up.......well I had to keep from squealing too loud.

It was so therapeutic!!

Speaking of working out.... I got the cutest new workout outfit. Spring colors of course !

For lunch I whipped up some yummy swiss cheese and ham baked sandwiches.
The secret is in the butter I use. I mix brown sugar , onion powder, ranch seasoning, and a table spoon of Dijon mustard with some real butter.

Bake them at 400 until golden and bubbling !

Add some macaroni salad , and pineapple and you have a yummy Spring -esc lunch !

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