Thursday, January 29, 2015

*Sweet blessings*

  I'm giving *fair warning* that this post includes happiness gushing and rambling on and on about blessings and life and Sophia..... You have been warned.

Well people, God has blessed my life so richly, with the people He has given me for family and friends... For instance, my darling sister, mrs Hooah, likes to sew, she likes to give and she is just a blessing in my life. 
  Sissy decided to put her passion for sewing, to good use and make sweet gifts for my little Sophia. And let me tell you, cuuuuuuuuuute cute little Bebe skirts are too much to handle! She has made me a nursing cover and matching skirt with headband for Sophia, and also a bonus skirt as just a lil gift! I feel so loved knowing that there are family and friends out there thinkin about me and my little belly and praying for me. I just want to say thank you, mrs Hooah for your sweet sewing blessings ❤️
Aren't these skirts the cutest you have ever seen? Keep checking back for more pictures of Sophia's fashion from her auntie.
Kind of sad thinking that I only have, less  than four months to carry this sweet pea close in my tummy, but I can't wait to hold her close in my arms ... I just ugh I'm gushing about how blessed I am. But I'll tell you, that I sadly don't notice the blessings often enough, nor do i give thanks for them as I should, so please excuse my excess of happiness today
And maybe let a little of it rub off on you,to give you an extra smile and Ray of shine for the day ahead of you.

Ok new subject. *exercise and fitness*
Ever since infouund out that I'm pregnant I've tried to be a little more healthy and a little more active. I purpose to walk a mile three times a week, well I decided over a week ago, that aside from the three miles each week, that I could be doing more to help my body be prepared and healthy and ready for the crazy adventure we have before us. So I found a pregnancy friendly workout and decided I was going to do it!!! Haha that's a laugh... Because I didn't do it, I procrastinated and waited around till I felt terrible about my body ... Lazy me. But finally yesterday was a breakthrough! I did my workout and yes I'm sore and YES I love it! 
I found this gem on Pinterest (where else right?) and I am hoping to continue with it for the remainder of my pregnancy, in hopes that it will help me not only now, but also in the healing process, losing the baby weight and toning my body after this journey.
    24 weeks .... Six months... Oh baby!

 Oh and hey great news, it doesn't have to be only for expecting ladies, you could do it too and start feeling healthier and more active right away!

Ok one more subject and its a short one.
*dunkin donuts* we stopped and picked some up last night and well, isn't it gorgeous?
Ok ok , have a lovely day, love your one and only Mrs Oorah.


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