Friday, February 20, 2015

A Thank You Letter

To our readers.

You are GOLD.

Thank you so much for the 1,000 page views.

Thank you for the opportunity to let us share our lives with you.

Messy Faith 101, is new. You have welcomed us with open arms and greeted us warmly.

Mrs. Oorah and I were just saying what a sweet escape this blog has become for us.

Not an airing of dirty laundry , or a launching pad for ranting and raving........

But a sunshiny and cheerful place to take a step back and reflect with (hopefully ) common sense and class.
A place to create in the kitchen , with a sewing needle, or paint pictures with our words.

A place to bask in the glory and grace of Jesus! You, dear readers have been an encouragement to me!

Thank you. 

Get ready to experience more Messy Faith , and join us on the ride! It's gonna be great.

Love, Mrs.Hooah and Mrs Oorah.

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