Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Busy days

Hey there, here is hoping that everyone had a beautiful Tuesday. I know that I definitely had a good day.

Breakfast this morning for me

This morning I woke a bit earlier than I am used to, but it worked out good, because I was able to get up and make my loving Mr Oorah breakfast (does a Nutella sandwich and coffee count?) and also pack his lunch. 

This week we are trying to be a little more on the healthy side of the wonderful indulgence of food. So lunch included : tuna with kettle cooked bbq chips, Apple slices, a banana and two cuties (adorable tiny oranges) and last but not least a couple of godiva dark chocolate squares *i have to spoil him sometimes). 
Anyways then I went back to bed and thank God, I fell asleep for another hour or so. 
When I finally did wake, I woke with a wonderful joy in my heart and bounce in my step... So naturally a little bit of house cleaning and healthy food and a whole lot of dance academy and it truly was a good day!
 The weather outside was gorgeous today, leveling out at around 70 degrees, talk about birds chirping and breezes blowing. 

Mr Oorah had a appointment for the car, so as soon as he got home we rushed off to make it in time! (One does not simply take their time when appointments are to be kept)! I didn't have any time to prepare dinner so we went to good ole subway, the Mr, got a Monterey Chicken melt and I stuck to a classic turkey both of them on the yummy Italian herb and cheese bread! And we may or may not have indulged in a cookie... I mean it's Subway cookies... I can't pass them up!
Our *appointment* (the whole car and new tires thing) was only supposed to be an hour and a half... Two at the most. 
Ha that's a laugh! We sat there for almost three hours! Good thing this woman enjoys her husbands company! So we only got home about fifteen minutes ago and we are both bushed! So good night to all my lovelies, I'll post again tmrw, lots to talk about.
Much love from your one and only Mrs Oorah.

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