Friday, February 13, 2015

Chicken Pot Pie♥

I told you I would share this recipe .

Before I get too excited, here are the ingredients.

Chicken , cooked, shredded .

Mixed vegetables.

Cream of mushroom soup. 1 can.

1 package of chicken gravy.

1 potato cubed.

Pillsbury Pie Crust. Because I suck at pie crust homemade.

Put all the ingredients together in a pie tin and top it with the crust.

I use two pie crusts so that I can play with shapes and designs.

Let your imagination take hold and have fun in the kitchen.

I bake it at 375 for around 45 min. But I check on it often so make sure to keep a watchful eye!

For this pie I actually used a round cake pan.

Tomorrow we have so many fun plans that I can't wait to post about !
But today was spent with work outs, shopping and FINALLY getting a washer and dryer!

Yay for having your own washer and dryer !

Have a happy Valentines Day!


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