Friday, February 6, 2015


For moment we are going to toss caution to the wind.

Because , it isn't winter.

It's late spring.

And we are barefoot . Our toes are in the grass and we are laughing over the antics of our children and life in general.

Sit down on a log . Let it be dusk. And let's all catch fireflys in a mason jar.

It's all like a country song huh ?


The truth is..... We still have six weeks left of winter.

And I don't have a yard that we could sit on a log or catch fireflys .

Actually it's February. The Love month. We had big plans for this month. And then they crashed and burned . For real.

It's not a huge deal.... I'm looking forward to celebrating Valentines Day ~ I'm just not quit sure HOW we will celebrate it.

But I find myself asking about what true love looks like to me.
Along with 142578808643278985212578 bloggers out there that are also posting about love.

For me :

Love is a Saviour on a cross dying for the sins of humanity.

Love goes beyond the wedding vows and the days of youthful luster.

Love is a labor that can never expect a reward for It's efforts.

Love is prayer.

Love is the uniform my husband wears to protect the freedom of our nation.

Love stays. Even after you don't feel "in love" .

Love is humbly  cleaning the house for the upteenth time.

Love gives a darn. It cares.

Love builds a fire and reaches the coldest part of a hurting spouses soul.

Love changes diapers and wipes dirty faces.

Love nurtures and cherishes .

Love. TRUE love is never ,EVER, ending.

I purpose. This year to pursue love ♥

Love you, Mrs.Hooah

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