Thursday, February 26, 2015

* meal planning and a little panicking *

   Hello there, fellow blog readers, writers and the occasional lost pinterest-er.Today, I am sitting on my comfy, gray, shag rug (working on my posture) and I have nine *NINE* cookbooks scattered around me. I`m trying to plan some delicious meals, and though I may be married, for a whole of nine months, this whole ~housewife~home keeper~meal planner~ role is still extremely new to me. The main reasons being, that for the first two months of my marriage, we were waiting on our marriage license so that we could be approved for base housing .... We lived in different towns and enjoyed the short weekend visits and times when we just couldn't live without each other (hello expensive hotel rooms, and dwindling bank accounts), while this whole debacle was going on. Fast forward to the middle of August, we finally have a home! Our own home, and how to put this... BAM... i`m pregnant and the nausea hit literally on day *ONE*. Once again we fast forward a couple weeks, I am about as miserable as they come, can`t cook... because i`ll puke, can`t clean...because i`ll puke, can`t even get out of the house to exercise... because i`ll puke, never in my life have I EVER been so completely and utterly miserable. I can count the number of meals I have cooked, between my own to hands... how sad is that? 10 or less meals prepared for my new Husband... I am ashamed and feel like I failed somewhere along the way, but wait there is hope at the end of this dark tunnel. Ok, this is the last time (I promise), FAST FORWARD to now, I am finally past the nausea and puking, I am finally able to exercise and be healthy.... I AM FINALLY ABLE TO COOK!!! So, here I sit, wondering, what to cook!?

   A couple of my complete meal ideas, so far, are as follows.

1. Starter: Garden Salad, with Light Italian Dressing.    Main Dish: Honey Pecan Pork Chops    Sides: Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes and Whole Kernel Corn.

2. Main Dish: Chicken Piccata     Sides: Pan seared, yellow and green Zucchini. topped with Balsamic Vinaigrette,    and buttery Green Beans.

What do you think? Good? Bad? Help!? 

 Thanks for taking time out of your day, to read about mine. Always remember that although my life and faith may sometimes be messy, God still loves me and claims me as His beautiful mess. Just as He does for YOU.
Sincerely a Panicked, Mrs Oorah.

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  1. Sounds yummy and very good! Also, if your hubby is anything like mine, simple is often best. Mine is nearly always just as happy with a casserole or stack of pancakes as with a 3-course meal, and I often have to insist on adding side dishes!


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