Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday, It Happens♥

3:30 is Wayyyyyyy too early to be awake.

And 4:30 is wayyyyyyy too early for a two year old to be wide awake.

Especially on a Monday.

But I'm choosing NOT to let it steal my day.


Anyone have a shot of coffee , they would like to inject into my system?

Cause .... Aladdin is failing.

I'm focusing on mind over matter recently.

Apparently God noticed and He wants me to be a champion at it.

Plus side.

Yesterday at church was awesome! Great worship and incredible preaching !

Yes , I am the annoying person that likes church. Actually, I love it.

I had fun with this outfit.

Andddddd I went to Goodwill . Ahhhgain. And scored awesome thrifty deals.

More coming on those later .

In the meantime enjoy your Monday even if you woke up at 3:30 a.m.

And drink a cup of coffee for me.

I'm making breakfast burritos this morning with whole wheat tortillas...

Mind over matter people. Mind over matter .

Also clinging to this verse today as I hit the gym , to continue my fitness journey.

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