Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My sweet journey

I can't believe that we are now 27weeks along, it seems as though time has flown by. I could just burst looking at the ultrasound pictures of my sweet cinnamon roll. Only 13 weeks left in this adventure before a new one begins ....

The early morning when we found out that God has blessed us with a miracle!

The horribly long trip when the nausea and throwing up had kicked in full swing!

Getting to see our sweet little cinnamon roll for the first time *heart flutters*

Right before we found out sweet things gender! 

And oh the joy! Oooooooh the wonderful joy !

And now!!!! We are a whole whopping 27weeks! She is almost done baking!
I have had such an amazing journey... The wonders of the first kicks... The first time I felt her rolling around inside my tummy! 

So this is love ..... 
Ok excuse me while i go ooooh and awww at all my baby's pictures.
Much love from your one and only Mrs Oorah 💋

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