Saturday, February 21, 2015

Next comes the baby in a baby carriage.

Hello my lovely readers, I hope that this Saturday finds you with glorious weather and a smile on your face. I only just woke, (shame on me) but I did stay up till 2 in the morning, so that is and excuse riiiight? We are enjoying this late morning wake up and are taking our time to just relax and take in this beautiful day. Mr Oorah is currently busy, in the kitchen, making me some yummy breakfast. Today calls for: cheesy scrambled egg hash, turkey bacon and biscuits!!! Can you say delicious? 

 Before I forget, we received our pack n play and stroller/car seat set in the mail last week and well I couldn't wait to tear into it, set it up (all for the sake of making sure there were no missing pieces) and sit there with a smile because, I can't wait for little *angel face* to make her appearance! The car seat and stroller set are themed :Eiffel rose, hence the cute black and white checks accented by the pink trim with Eiffel towers and roses!!!:)  Her are some pictures of my love, setting them up for me to enjoy !

And then setting up the pack n play, it's a sophisticated plum and I love the bassinet/changing table that it has, I mean, how convenient is that?

All these lovelies, are currently sitting in the spare bedroom, I may or may not go in there everyday just to look at my pretties and dream about baby's arrival !
 God has been so good to us and has blessed my husband and I tremendously!

Oh and before I forget, we also had the pleasure of setting up little missy's crib! And well get ready for a couple more pictures!!!:)

I'm head over heels for this cherry wood crib, it looks so pretty, sitting there at the end of my bed. When I wake in the mornings I like to just look over at it and imagine what it will be like when sweet pea is sleeping peacefully in it!

Well my sweet friends, breakfast is ready and I'm starving (not meant as a joke) lol maybe it is funny considering I'm ALWAYS hungry !!!! Have a wonderful blessing filled day.

Much love from your one and only Mrs Oorah❤️

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