Friday, February 27, 2015

Revival Dare

I am so excited to be sharing this part of my life with you !    Each year when the church we are attending announces their coming up revival services my husband and I get excited. Revival is something that is very dear to us , and something we get passionate about.

God just does such amazing things during Revival!

Before the actual services take place we go through a sort of cleanse in our home. 

Anywhere from 30 to 20 days we give up several everyday things we do to completely focus on Jesus. 

For example we trade our tv intake for sermon podcasts from our favorite preachers. We trade our normal music for Jesus filled music. We do a lot of fellow shipping with believers and try to visit and build relationships with many that we know either dont know Christ or have no church that they call home. We do a lot of inviting people to come to church with us. Most important we do A TON of Bible reading and praying.

Please understand that we aren't saying tv and normal music is bad. We know of a lot of good shows and songs we enjoy. But this season is so dear because the whole focus is Jesus. Hence the trading our normal things for Bible things. We want to have a one track mind. Revival. We want to see lives HEALED! We want to see ourselves CHANGED more into the image of JESUS.

Our purpose is to get hand raising , amen shouting excited for the things of God and the miracles we know only He can do!!!

It may sound corny ,but I believe with the utmost passion that we can see such a mighty display of JESUS and His power and love.

You may look around and say that the world is in shambles and all is hopeless. You might be discouraged today. Maybe you have served so long and are tired of it all. Maybe you have been scarred and hurt by the people that claim His Name. Maybe you have wandered away from the arms of Jesus,made decisions that you know that go against the Bible. Maybe you are reading this and you have a past that you think forever separates you from the love of Jesus.

Maybe, you don't believe.

Maybe, you have put your righteousness and good deeds on a pedestal and forgotten that we are all sinners that need Christ's love and salvation.

Maybe, you have separated yourself so far from all things that you have forgotten the commandment to "go into the highways and byways and compell them to come in".

Dear Christian,

Let us rise up out of the mess of our lives, let us lay every sin under the Blood of Jesus. Let us lift our hands and rejoice and give Him the glory for all things! Let us get off our self righteous backsides and go bring people to Christ in a humble and infectious love. Let's pray. Boy Howdy , let the people of God get down on their faces before the throne of Grace, and intercede for our families , our nation, and the whole world! 

Let's have some Revival!!!!

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