Saturday, February 7, 2015

This Week ♥

I'm currently hiding in my room while the Soldier Man watches Braveheart . Brave Heart ?

Anywho. It gets his Scottish and patriotic blood pumping. It puts me on a never ending soap box that makes me impossible to live with.

I watched to just before the bad people kill his wife. I COULDN'T HANDLE THE SADNESS.

Although I really , I mean :::really::: love movies of patriots , and men and women doing great heroic things. Mostly I just can't handle the sadness that brings about such courage.

It's ok. I'm about as brave as a chicken nugget.


I am lllllllooooovvvvviiiiinnnnggggg this quote my soldier shared with me on, from the movie.

(Said in my thickest Scottish brogue)

"You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position, I think your position exists to provide those people with freedom. And I go to make sure they have it."

To which my soldier did a fist bump with the ceiling and said "THAT , is why I am a soldier , that is the whole reason and purpose ."

Yeah , my heart did a flip flop. I kinda love him. Like forever and ever.

In other news...... I've been sewing like mad.

My awesome friend decided she wanted me to make her some of my designs !

Full disclaimer: I am by NO MEANS good at sewing.

Heck I can't even make sense of a pattern. Like I'm not even kidding. It is WAY easier to look at a picture. Or something I sketched.

But she has faith in me and it is going phenomenal!

I swear that is not the finished product in the picture. That was the only decent "in progress" picture I could take.

Like everyone else , I am utterly in love with Modcloth. BUT. there is no way in heck I could spend that kind of money on something like clothes. The thrifter in me would choke and die. So I made my own modcloth esque dress. I'm looking forward to perfecting it. Basically I took a 99cent thrift store shirt, and introduced it to this lovely floral fabric. It was a union made in heaven. Also. THIS is Messy Faith's first thrift store upcycle !!!! This makes me happy on so many levels.

I have many more in mind , so stay tuned ! ~ Mrs.Hooah

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