Tuesday, March 3, 2015

All the good stuff<3

 *first time mixing stripes and patterns- I think I'm hooked*

*sorry for the blur*  Sunday's outfit for church was über comfy and cozy . I felt cute and functional~a combination I am finding essential while chasing an energetic two year old :)

  *loving these tacos*

From my favorite Revival season must haves to low carb goodness..... Let's get down to it.

This could be old hat by now, but did you know you can put your taco/fajita filling in lettuces leaves and it will actually taste awesome! Yeah..... This is definitely something I could do on the norm.

I've been playing Highridge church podcasts around the clock and . Just. Wow. Awesome preaching. The end.

This morning I put eggs ,bananas,and oatmeal in my blender and out came pancake batter!

It took a few garbled ones to realize I need to cook these low and slow. They are not going to cook up like Hungry Jack ,so don't try. Once , I got the hang of it , they came together great! I slathered organic peanut butter between two of these oaty , warm, heavenly cakes. Definitely recommended. P. a. These are picky little boy approved! Win for motherhood!

Mark Lowery is keeping the Hooah household in stitches with his comedy.

Ooooooo! I almost forgot! So, I tried the whole Pinterest coffee cellulite trick.

I used Folgers instant coffee , because we aren't avid coffee people.

It left my shower looking like a crime scene but it was SO worth it!!!!

Ever since I had my son , I've hated my cellulite,sorry but it just looks gross. This coffee trick totally erased the cellulite. I'm not even kidding! 

I'm so happy I got to share these with you , have a great Tuesday and go try something new!

Love, Mrs. Hooah

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  1. Ok I have to ask, what on earth is the coffee cellulite trick?


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