Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's the small things in life.

Hello my lovely readers, here's to a wonderful day for all.

   You know, it really is the small things in life that bring so much joy, the small things that bring a smile. Today the weather is in the 60's and there isn't a cloud in sight, I am really enjoying this weather after it rained hard all weekend. The sun is drying up my muddy backyard so the puppies can play again. 

  Being a stay at home wife can have its challenging days. For instance, when you pinch a nerve in your back, but the house is in need of spring cleaning... Yesterday was a bit rough, only because of the back pain, but I pushed through and well.... Now my home is clean and put together and smells fresh. So today I am able to be outside enjoying this weather, rather than cleaning (it really is the small things).

    We are a day UNDER the 11week mark, till Sophia arrives! I cannot wait (even though I have to wait). The moments have gotten so much sweeter, my heart swells when she rolls and kicks and it also breaks at the same time, because I know that I get to hold her soon but I know that I am going to miss the private moments that her and I got to share. Something I'm looking forward to the MOST is, seeing my sweet Mr Oorah hold our little treasure close in his strong arms. (It really is the small things) We have a bet going on how much she is going to weigh at birth. Naturally, I'm going to win ;). Sophia Estelle, aka bittyOorahprincess please know how much you are loved already.

  I am reminded constantly of how fleeting this life is, and am encouraged by that, to live my life :a happy life, for true joy doesn't break under the pressure and misfortune of this world, joy that comes from Jesus is everlasting and helps us focus on the beauty of the world. :a adventurous life, for life lived in a mundane state, is a life wasted, I may be a stay at home wife but my days are full of long walks and meal planning and organizing and cleaning I don't just sit around and let boredom take over. I don't want to live the life of a recluse, and that is why I'm working ever so much on my shyness, you can't be adventurous and shy, they just don't mix. :a life that is pleasing to my Lord. I want to be out there being a light, I want to see the joy the Lord has brought in my life and to know that they can have it too. I want to be a testimony, I want to be a witness . Life is  fleeting.... What are you doing with yours to make sure that the small things count?

Just some thoughts that were floating around my mind, hope you enjoyed the read. Much love to all of you.

Also side note but looks at this yummy biscuit with peanut butter and jelly :) it really is the small things my friend.

Love your one and only Mrs Oorah.

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