Wednesday, March 11, 2015

*Surprise Date Nights*

     Hello, my beautiful readers.
  Today, I have a bit of the pregnancy blues, maybe its because im tired, maybe its just hormones.... who knows? Yesterday was, well it was yesterday. I have a slight anxiety of: hospitals, talking to strangers and well all I can say is, i`m a scaredy cat. (back to my story), yesterday I went to the Hospital to take a glucose test.... buuuuut my orders from the dr hadnt been sent down, and so after that, I had to go talk to other people to get my orders sent down which took close to an hour. theeeen we had to go back downstairs and take the test and wait around for an hour for them to check my levels and poke me and steal my blood. traumatizing! not really, just draining. I didnt complain about it or anything, but I think my sweetest husband picked up on my *blues* and we went for a drive....and out of nowhere he took my hand and asked me to go on a date with him. I of course, said yes. Who could deny those marble brown eyes! We drove around a bit and he pulled in to The Old Spaghetti Factory! I love spaghetti factory, it is DELICIOUS!!! and RELAXING and so wonderful!

 check out this yummy looking Chicken Parmigiana!!!

  and this Sicilian Garlic Cheese Bread!!!

  God, always knows, just what my heart needs. God, always blesses me. God, always sends me a ray of shine just when I need it most.

  Today, we are Celebrating 30 weeks of pregnancy! We only have 10 weeks left.
Little princess Oorah is growing strong and healthy and active as ever! Sophia should be weighing in right around 3 pounds ( what a little hephalumpawoozle ) and measuring in somewhere between 14n1/2 and 16n1/2 inches. GASPS, she is getting so big and the chapter is slowly but surely coming to and end, we only have a couple pages left to read before we begin a new life. I am so excited and also a wee bit nervous to meet my baby girl. I know that sweet Mr Oorah is going to be the bestest daddy ever! Grace abounds freely and flows around, God has given us the sweetest gift of all. I hope and pray that God will help me to be the mother that He intended for me to be. I know that with His grace and His love, that, Mr Oorah and I will strive our hardest to be good parents, and give Sophia the best home that she could possibly have.


  Going for long walks, leg exercises, and lots of water happen to be my favorites! I literally go through several bottles of tasty water everyday! and the weather has been gorgeous, so the walks have been wonderful.

   Ok, I`m done babbling at y`all for the day. Love your one and only Mrs Oorah.

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