Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What I've been up to <3

Spring has come to Tennessee , and I've been enjoying every second outside.

The Bitty Man and I have been living at the park <3
I'm framing this one!

My son is such a blessing to me!! He fills my life with so much laughter! Potty training has become a huge challenge . Any advice would be great, specifically pertaining to "stinky" accidents.

Nap time is always a mommy treasured time. But it has become WAY better the days I play this station on Pandora. It is so perfect!
They play from hymns to old timey lullaby a to modern love songs. But it's all very chill and the perfect thing for relax mode in our Hooah home. <3

I made lemon bars. The end. 

Note: I love lemon deserts better than any other desert. That is all<3

I want to get a bunch of girlfriends together to go see this movie. I'm a princess nut.  Be still my heart!

I spent yesterday chatting it up with some awesome Military wives! We had a blast, just letting the kids play and laughing!

Yesterday was St. Patrick's day!!! We hung out with friends, wore green, ate too much stuffed crust pizza, and had a sweet movie night all curled up together.

Yesterday was also our 1 year anniversary of being in the Army!!!!! I am SO FREAKING proud of my Soldier Man!! It's a joy to see him serving his country, I love seeing my husband happy!!! And I can tell you, after four years of marriage, he loves being a soldier!!! Our only regret is that we didn't do this sooner! I have nothing but praise for our life in the Army and the people that have supported us, but ultimately to God , for leading us here!! He knew what He was doing,even if we didn't ,He did. And that's the best part <3

Much love,
Mrs. Hooah

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