Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hooah vacation Part 1

I just spent nine days in heaven.

Ok , not really literally . But, for me , the west is heavenly.

We had an incredible Hooah family vacation!

Most of the time was spent on my parents little ranch-ett .

I of course was in my element ,with my "ragamuffin" look being sported.
Ain't nothin better than boots,jeans,and hats!!

We went to Dickies BBQ like 3 times! No judging , you know it's good!

It was so incredible to just relax in my home element.

Here is us on Sunday morning<3

We got to explore Sutters Creek where they first discovered gold!!! I totally fell in love with that little town<3

A date night to go see Cinderella (which was incredible!!)
Lots of riding our ponies!!! The bitty man got to ride all by himself for the first time! He's been riding since six months old, but was SO excited to do it without mommy or daddy with him!

Well that's all I have time for today, I'll be posting part 2 soon!

Love from The Hooah Family

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