Monday, April 13, 2015

This is Life.

Hello, To all of my wonderful readers. I am so sorry that I have neglected to post anything in the past month. To be honest, I have been going through quite a bit and didn`t have the heart to drag you sweethearts down with me.
Don`t be panicking now, I AM OK! just worn out, exhausted, emotional and well .... PREGNANT. it is normal, it happens, it is life. I am so thankful for the wonderful support that my Darling Oorah love provides me, He truly keeps me going. The Lord truly blessed me and Mr Oorah with the sweetest relationship.God has given me Everything i ever wanted and so much more with this love, and this sweet little baby girl is almost here. My heart is too blessed to even handle right now, so if you stick around for the rest of this rambling post, i`ll update you with all the sweet tidbits from the last couple weeks!

Currently, we are one day away from 35 weeks, princess Oorah is between the size of a Pineapple and Honeydew melon (she is so HEAVY), and 35w means that baby girl will most likely come in the next 3-5 weeks! I am going beyond crazy with all the final details and trying to make sure I have everything in order, and making sure I haven`t forgotten anything and and and, Mr Oorah says i`m no longer allowed to shop for baby stuff or make lists or anything because i`m stressing out too much. He says he doesn't want baby stressed out or me to go into early labor because of the stress. Speaking of Labor *OHMYGOSH* I am pretty much gonna die! haha, not even kidding peeps. I am totally looking forward to the amazing experience ahead of me, I am doing all the exercises to help my body out and allllllll that but I am just a WEE bit TERRIFIED! (in a good way haha).

 Last week, my parents drove over ten hours to come and spend Easter Weekend with me and my husband, also one of my sister`s and both of her daughters were able to come out as well. It was so wonderful on my heart to see these people that mean so much to me. having time to laugh and relax and catch up... to eat yummy food, watch old shows and attend an AMAZING church service, well goodness my heart just about burst and I am so refreshed by the sweet fellowship we all enjoyed. 

This past weekend My seester (aka sister) came back out with all four kiddos in tow, and we really had a good time... we played basketball and ate some BOMB spaghetti that one of the girls made. and then we also went to the beach and played in the water and picked up a game or two of soccer. ( mr oorah says I'm not allowed to run) so as I'm sure you can imagine... there i am both hands wrapped around my belly supporting, running down the beach after the ball, I'm sure it looked similar to an elephant running towards food!  I am telling you guys, priceless memories and I am so thankful that i get to keep these sweet moments FOREVER.

I have upped my daily exercise to two miles a day and am currently trying to up my water intake to about 100 ounces a day, ( hello 20 bathroom visits each hour ). and we stocked up on all the healthy food we could get our hands on... I refuse to weigh a million pound when I give birth because of giving in to allllll of my cravings... that being said, I do allow myself to indulge, but I don't go crazy and I always try to counter something unhealthy with a healthy meal, that way I get to enjoy a little of everything.

  You guys! only two weeks till my BEBE SHOWER! I can't wait to see all the lovely ladies that watched me grow up from a scrappy lil five yr old, to a married woman, expecting my own lil scrappy bundle of joy. I know that the company, food and games will be so fun and enjoyable and I hope that everyone who attends, has a blast! ALSO this weekend coming up Mr Oorah's unit is having a Baby Shower, for all of those and their spouses who are expecting! SO I get to attend 2 baby showers in the next two weeks *how fun is that*?

  I have a FULL BLOWN WATERMELON BELLY and even though it is HUGE and HEAVY, I LOVE IT, because it is holding my sweet lil princess, i can't wait till I can hold her.... and let my body heal from this crazy journey. I can definitely say that I am Healthier, more active and Less weight at 35 weeks, than I was before I got pregnant. I cannot wait to see the difference in my body afterwards, I know that I have to take the healing slow and let myself recoup fully, but I am looking forward to reaching my goals at the end of this year... it's going to be a whole new me.

  Well Mr Oorah is on the way home, and I have just a little more house cleaning to do, so i'll let you get back to your normal life... Much Love and Sunshine filled Days.
Love Mrs Oorah

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  1. Your photos are lovely, and you're going to be an amazing mommy!


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