Monday, May 4, 2015

Turkey and Bacon BBQ Slaw

You Guys. 

I broke up with Gluten.

I swore I never would . No matter the bloating, forget the wheat belly, I loved Gluten with all my heart! 

I could go on about all the deliciousness we shared ..... But it's too painful.

I've joined the band of those that have experienced great physical pain and have said... Enough! 

On a totally more light hearted note.... I feel the difference in my body and it is MAJOR !!!!

Today I bring you... (Drum roll please) 
         Turkey and Bacon BBQ Slaw

 Tadaaaaaa !!!!!

Eating gf means I've had to up the creativity with my veggies.

I love all the raw veg going on in this.

Let's make it!

Grab some cabbage and shred it.

Thinly slice some carrots. Like paper thin.

Same merry go 'round with the purple onion.

And raw jalepeno . Let's kick the heat up.

Take a slice of an apple and julienne that sucker.

1/2 teaspoon ranch
1/2 teaspoon organic Dijon mustard
1 teaspoon BBQ seasoning
Salt and pepper
Crumble two strips of gloriously thick cut bacon.

Deli turkey all chopped up .

And a few pecans all chopped to basically dust.

Toss and eat!!!

Ssssooooo super yummy!!!!

P.s I went to an Army Ball .
Pps. I had the time of my life and here is a sneaky peek ;)

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