Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Hello Readers,

Yes, I still love you.

I won't give you a billion excuses, except to say that sickness sucks.

So I sit and browse Pinterest.
Let's look at some of my latest obsessions shall we? 

Laundry Rooms: soooo, I think every Army Wife , when they get a whiff of a tiny chance, that they could get stationed somewhere they llllloooovvvveee . Well, all I can say is I have been gaga over home things lately. Especially laundry rooms.

Cowgirl hats: I need one that doesn't give me a headache . My only dilemma is that I need one for ranch work , competitions ,daily wear AND a dressy one. 

I'm in love with Modcloth and eShakti. The end

This eShakti chambray dress is adorbs<3
And this Modcloth dress is awesome <3

Hope you all have an awesome day!!

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