Tuesday, July 7, 2015

M.I.A. (missing in action) !

   Ok my lovely followers, so sorry I have been MIA for the past couple months, however, LOOOOOOK at this sweet pea and tell me you wouldn't take time to yourself to pour your love into a sweet budding *mommy/daughter* relationship!?

  I have sweet little Oorah princess on May 16, at 2 in the morning... I repeat 2 in the MORNING!!! who does that?!!I had a hard week but when it came down to it, I had the best labor and delivery experience at my hospital. I`m about to share all the wonders of that journey and the transition into this new chapter of our lives, so pull up a chair, pop some popcorn and prepare to spend the next half hour reading and sharing my life with me.

   May 10 Mothers Day. Oorah had 24hr duty so I was alone all day, I woke with a fever and throughout the day got very sick and threw up, and ended up with chills and my body was terribly achy. I finally called the labor and delivery deck to ask what I should do or if I should be concerned, because a high fever is BAD when pregnant riiiiiiiight? well apparently the nurse who I talked to didn't get that memo because she replied to my concern with *well you are a first time mom* ( as if that makes my fever fake or my pain less of a concern) and told me that I only needed to come in if my water broke or if I was bleeding and that I was fine. So trusting her, I let it go and basically slept the rest the day because I was too weak to do anything. Oorah love, got home late the next afternoon and despite my feeling a little better, had me check my temperature. it was 104! so this time we didn't call we just went in. The nurse and Dr. on staff that evening were absolutely LIVID that my concerns had been taken so lightly and wanted the name of the nurse that I had spoken to, I couldn't remember it though. I was so dehydrated that they  had to try five different times to get an IV in me. My blood pressure was super high so they decided to keep me over night to monitor my fever, blood pressure and to make sure I was making a recovery not nothing spiked again. ( they told me in the morning that if my fever and blood pressure hadn't have improved during the night that they were going to induce me) but everything went back to normal so I was released to go home.

    On Thursday, May 14th at 11p.m. i was very rudely awakened by severe contractions in my lower back ( back labor is no joke, so glad i had a supportive husband and a wonderful God to hold my hand). the pain was so intense that, I couldn't stand to be next to anyone or touched by anything. So I found myself moving upstairs to the empty bedroom so that I could try and sleep (ha what a joke) my contractions quickly moved from 5 minutes apart to two minutes apart and stayed consistent all through the night. I didn't wake Oorah love, because I knew that even though the pain was awful and barely handleable, it was only the beginning and was going to get much worse later on. When Oorah woke he wanted to go to the hospital, but I convinced him to hold off and head to work, with a heartfelt promise that I would call as soon as I felt it was time to go. After he left, my contractions slowed to about four minutes apart and stayed that way all day, around 10a.m. The only relief I had during the day was keeping busy, trying to ignore the pain. Later I woke from a very short nap, and when I sat, I gushed (just a little) (TMI COMING) (DISCLAIMER) and a couple hours later every time I peed, there were grayish/ greenish flecks in it. That concerned me, because of the possibility of meconium... but I left it alone for another hour or two till sweet Oorah love came home. I told him the possibility of my water leaking and we decided to head into the hospital. as we headed out the door my water BROKE like gushing down my leg and all... It was awesome and gross at the same time, so I cleaned up and headed in about 7;15p.m. thank God that the Hospital is only a couple miles down the road. Once I got there, they informed me that my water had indeed ruptured and that I would be staying put till bebe love was born, I was only dilated at a 1 ,so I wouldn't be having baby till sometime Saturday evening. So we got comfy and settled in, the monitoring machine wasn't picking up on my contractions so they thought I wasn't having any, BOY WERE they WRONG the PAIN ooooooh man, contractions are no joke!!! around 10:30 p.m.(still only at a 1) they gave me half of a pill to get my contractions going, even though they were going just fine! ( I didn't mind though, I was just ready to have baby). by 11:30 I was positive I was going to die, all of the contraction pain was concentrated in my lower back, and one spot the size of a quarter on my right side. My nurse came to adjust my monitor and I pitifully begged for some type of pain killer, so I could rest up just a little. so he had my Dr come and take a look and I surprised them both because I was dilated at a 6! and then the glorious news came, I could get the epidural now! buuuut I had to wait because the anesthesiologist was administering to another lady in labor. *longest 15 minutes of my life*  I waited not so patiently and then the angel of a lady came in and got me all set up and ready to go, another 10 minutes and I could feel relief, the pain lessened to a dull pain and all I could feel was very intense pressure, however I was able to nap for a little while knowing my baby should be here by 7 that morning! around 1:15 a.m. a lady came to hook me up to a catheter and when she went to attach everything, she looked a little startled and told me it was baby time, to which I replied *no its not*! and she replied yes it is and got a dr and another nurse, at this point my mind was racing and during each contraction baby's heart rate would drop, so i got to wear a stylish (or not so stylish) oxygen mask, the catheter lady held my left leg and told my poor husband to hold my right (he was such a trooper! it truly brought me to tears) she went through a couple practice counts with me where she had me push ( I so didn't want to) (way to exhausted) after 45 minutes of intense pushing and feeling like I was just going to pass out, my Dr told me to stop pushing and as I looked down I witnessed him guiding her the rest of the way out and my stomach deflating all within 15 seconds.... talk about emotional moments, Oorah princess did indeed have a little meconium on her so they had someone standing by to clean her off, daddy stayed right with her and she held his finger tightly as she received her first cleaning, I watched from my bed while my Dr stitched me up and told me that God had blessed me with a strong body that was meant to have babies and that he was impressed with how quickly and smoothly everything went. Oorah princess was born 6lb 11oz 19"long at 2:18 on the morning of Saturday May 16th., born posterior with her umbilical around her neck, but safe, sound and the most beautiful baby I have ever seen ( not even being biased! ) 

   Here is a couple hours old, with mommy, daddy, grammy and pop pop.

   Here is two weeks old and one of her first few smiles,

   Here is our first family trip

  and here is a shot from today!

  Much Love, Mrs Oorah.

P.s. I promise to start posting regularly again and stay tuned because on Thursday we are discussing my journey in the kitchen!

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  1. Aaaah! I know I got to read the birth story before but I still got choked up...so glad you guys are all ok and little princess is here safely!


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