Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A little bit of morning chatter.

     Good morning my lovely readers,
 Today is a *just breathe* kind of day, not for any terrible reason, just for sake of remembering to breathe. Some days ( for stay at home moms ) it's easy to get caught up in wether the dishes are done, or the laundry is piling up, and the baby just wants to be held close or for those who are yet to  be married it is the papers that are due, the months rent coming up and dealing with a co-worker who is a downer ....
It is in these moments that I encourage you to *just breathe*, maybe sit down and think of 5 ways God has blessed your day, or maybe, just reflect on God's promises in your life.

  *The Bible says in Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.*
Have you ever just sat there and thought, wow, God is my God, He formed me, He created the earth, He gave His only Son for me, a lowly sinner, me.?
Have you ever sat in awe of how He orchestrated everything so perfectly, from the way the world spins to the waves that crash upon the shore.
He made this beautiful earth for us to enjoy, I know it is so easy to read the news or hear something terrible that is going on all around us, but, our time on earth is short, we should be preparing for when He comes to take us home, we should be out celebrating Jesus name instead of worrying about the next day, month, year.
So here is your friendly reminder to sit and enjoy your day, turn on some music to give that extra push while finishing chores, praise His name and glorify Him in all you do.

  Today is day 2 of my training with a personal trainer. He is sort of a Hottie (he is my husband), and is great at being that extra push to being healthy and working out.
We decided that our goal was going to be: being the best example we can be for our little girl and future kiddies as well.
That means that we are going to be Healthy, Happy, Fit, God Honoring*  parents, we want our family to grow with a fighting chance at living a long healthy happy life.
~Anyway~ Day 2 and I already feel like dying and might not be feeling pleasant thoughts towards naturally skinny people right now... just kidding all the love all the love.
But i/m excited about getting on track and for a husband that pushes me forward and encourages me to be the best I can be.

  Speaking of healthiness, I found this awesome recipe on pinterest....

 I got all the ingredients and I am ready to go except for one thing.... first grocery trip I forgot my cupcake liners, second grocery trip they didn't have cupcake liners so here I sit, no cupcake liners, dying to try this new recipe! patience, but I am going to have to make another trip because these look delicious and I can't wait to shove them all in my mouth.... I mean eat one per snack ( shove them all in my mouth).

  Today has been a wonderful day, the house was mostly clean from yesterday so I only have dishes and a little laundry to attend to before prepping dinner. I might take advantage and paint my nails, that haven't been painted in almost three months! *oh my gosh* I am thinking a nice ruby red, yes a shiny ruby red!

 Now for some random happiness in your life

 Sophia's bathtime cuteness

Smiles when daddy got home yesterday, also take in those cutesy shorts she has on, they are a tad big but seriously, baby legs for days!

Matching for church on Sunday, blue because they are cool, my whole life in one picture.

also this is how we blog nowadays <3.

  Well I'm off to paint these fingers of mine. I hope you have a glorious day and take time to relax and enjoy the blessings around you.
Much love from your very own
    Mrs Oorah

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