Saturday, August 8, 2015

A new normal

Hey there, I know it's been awhile (again) since I have posted. So here is a short little post to catch you up on my crazy life. Oorah baby is almost three months and I am so so not ready for her to be growing, but also I am super excited because my bitty is turning into the prettiest lil thing that you will ever see.

 Today we went for the usual car ride with Oorah love, to get his hair cut for the week ahead. Then we decided to hit up our favorite bakery/bistro petite Madeline .... Seriously this place.... If you are ever out in Sunny Ca, come out our way and give this place a try of your own. It's Uh-MAY-Zing!
Picture of amazingness!!!!!

 And then we headed to the mall to get a tire fixed and shop around, I was thrifty and got bitty some new outfits, *bonus* they were on sale!!! Then we came home, relaxed, hit up the pool and ended our evening with homemade burgers and fries, 

I also tried a new healthy ish snack ish recipe tonight , go make it now... It three cups raw oats, half cup honey and one cup peanut butter , melt and mix and let set its wonderful!!!..... Deliciousness in my mouth. 
 I don't like to post super personal stuff on here, but if you get a chance... Pray for me, Lord knows I need it, I'm going through some stuff and yall, it's tough. Life isn't always giggles and smiles, but no matter what I go through, God's grace is enough to see me through. I'll post again in a week or so but for right now I'm going to curl up, hold my family extra close and praise the Lord for all of my daily blessings.

 Have a God blessed evening and wonderful day tomorrow,
 Much love
mrs Oorah ❤️

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