Monday, August 3, 2015

Back on track

So this would be the reason I've been missing in action. I had surgery to remove two cysts from my ovaries and remove scar tissue that was fusing my bowls together. 

I also went on two mini vacations and saw The Music Man at our local Theater.

Whew. I just can't sit still, can I?
(The Soldierman, Conn, and his Papa)

My world is whirring and spinning all around me.

It seems as if everything is hurtling along a path of devastation and destruction.

It's ok to call out the right and wrong. It is ok to be aware of what is going on around us.

Between attacks on our own soil and Planned Parenthood mutilating our sons and daughters.... It's soooo easy for me to get all steamed up . I've got a will of iron when I'm mad, confused, or hurt.

Are you there my friend?

Can I tell you a secret we've known all along?

God is still on His throne . And no terrorism or baby mutilation,or months of sickness, ..... Nothing should take our gaze off of Jesus Christ.

Hey, I'm guilty . Daily, I fail this. And I don't know your problems, and I'm definitely NOT saying that if you don't live and walk with Jesus the way I do, then you're not focused on Him. Heck, you probably look to Jesus way more than I do.

I'm just talking about what I am in the thick of learning right now. Maybe , we are learning the same lesson? 

I came across John 15:10-13 this morning. The whole chapter in fact was incredible and just the encouragement I needed. Gods Word tells us what to do when the world is full of hate! 

Basically, Jesus tells us that if we love Him, sooner or later the world will hate us. They hated Him. In order to keep our joy, we need to keep His commandments. And..... MINDBLOWN !!! His commandment is for us to love each other the way He loves us. 
Don't take my word for it though, read it for yourself.

The Word of God is such a blessing, because it has an answer for anything we need.

In my own life. I know I desperately need to decrease the things that make me pay more attention to them , than Christ.

I need more of Jesus in my life. I need His love to overwhelm my heart, and His strength to flood my soul. 

This is something I have to purpose to do. Just like being a wife, mother, or just an adult .... Each day I have to do my utmost to do better. Better than who I was the day before. I use this dedication in almost every area of my life except my relationship with Christ. Why? Isn't Jesus my all? Yet. I give Him almost 0% of me . 

It's time to get back on track . To keep my eyes on Jesus.

There's a song Mrs.Oorah and I used to sing, and the lyrics of the chorus said this;

We've got to go back to living truth,We're going back to The Absolute, back to where the church stands strong, back to where there's a right, there is a wrong back to where it's black or white, you'll see the difference it's like day and night. We're going back to things above, we're going back to our First Love. 

Our first love. 

I'm reminded of the day before the Soldierman and I got married. I was freaking about little details of the wedding that didn't really matter. The Soldierman held me and said " I'm gonna be there. Will you?" I nodded yes, then he said this " then that's all that really matters".

I come to Jesus , freaking out about problems, and He holds me, and says " hey I'm still walking this life with you , are you gonna walk with me"? 

If we choose yes, then that's all that really matters. 

I hope whatever you are facing right now.... You choose to focus on Christ, while it isn't always easy and we won't always get it right, it will always be worth it.

This is messy faith. I'm a mess. But when I focus on Jesus, He is the Author and Finisher of my faith.

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