Monday, August 17, 2015


This is a pretty self explanatory post.

Carnitas for daysssss.

Now , I have to be honest. I really just seasoned some pulled pork and called it carnitas. I cheated.

Actually, I cheated a lot on this recipe.

You see, I put chili,taco,onion,and garlic seasoning on the pulled pork.

Then I realized I had no queso fresco, so I chopped fresh mozzarella and mixed it with homemade picco.

Then I used half an avocado, a restaurant pkg. of ranch and four shots of Tabasco to make a creamy sauce. 

Chopped kale, romaine,and iceberg lettuce make for an awesome crisp addition. 

The final step was to fry up some gluten free corn tortillas in coconut oil!

Make them nice and crispy.

For a side dish we threw black beans, rice, lime and cilantro together.

But, let me tell you.... It was so quick to make , and so yummy!!!

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