Monday, August 10, 2015

Fall food and fashion Roundup * take one *

In the times gone by August and September were the preparations months for fall. It was a very busy time of getting ready to harvest, and yet still harvesting early bounty.

In the tradition of how Mrs. Oorah and I grew up..... Ranchers would be bringing horses and cattle in for roundup and branding. 

Today. In this sisterhood we get ready in a different way. Call us matierialistic . Call us shallow - call us anything but late for dinner, or lunch, or breakfast, or pretty much anywhere good food is going to be. Right sis? Right .

Now , naturally we swoon over any fall recipe . Hey, we're foodies. And, proud of it I might add. But, fall makes us think about more than just food. Fall makes me want to don cozy jeans and boots. It makes me want all the hot herbal tea, and apple cider. I want to craft something 24/7 and if it doesn't come out right.... Who cares? I was crafting. I want to read all the books in the fall. 

So without further delay here's roundup :

mrs. Hooah - I really love how casual this is. Like , I could do grocery shopping in this , and feel really put together.
Mrs Oorah~  this is *me* if there was ever an outfit that captured my personality, this would be it! everything from the green (because it matches my eyes,) to the watch/bracelet ( Oorah love bought me one for christmas last year) so now I know how to pair my jewelry with an awesome outfit!

Mrs. Hooah- I've never really wanted to try this, but this photo and recipe is changing my mind. I'm thinking this would be a great cross over recipe into fall.
 Mrs Oorah~ I have never really had an interest in this dish, but if you are making it, then set a place at the table for me!

Mrs. Hooah- I just really want these.
Mrs Oorah~ these boots are everything that screams, Little house on the Prairie, to Cowgirl Chick style. they are the perfect combo for some skinny jeans and a big scarf!

Mrs. Hooah- Let's go apple picking , like every weekend.
Mrs Oorah~ I personally find the pink lady and honeycrisp to be my favorites! they are so juicy and naturally sweet!

Mrs. Hooah - the mustard and pops of red and green on black are my favorite. Black is such a fun trade for going on brown overload this fall.
Mrs Oorah~ these boots are my jam, I mean, LOOK AT THEM! I am going to be searching everywhere for items to make an outfit like this for Autumn.

mrs. Hooah- Chicken pot pie soup- ummm yes!
Mrs Oorah~ Only if it is paired with biscuits lots and lots of biscuits!

Mrs. Hooah- the scarf is everything, but I mostly love the jeans in this! I like my jeans to bunch up a bit and have a little wiggle room ( mostly so I can eat more food without feeling guilty) ha! But the cuff on those boots make me want to squeal!
Mrs Oorah~ I love the sunglasses, scrappy hair and jewelry choices, that turquoise ring is to die for, don't forget to make simple outfits really come to life with a little accessorizing.

Mrs. Hooah- I know this is probably totally "last year" or "two years ago", but I've always really wanted one. I'm loving the red and black.
Mrs Oorah~ I would probably go for a Mocha brown with dark maroon and teal accents.

   Alright our lovely followers, tell us which ones you *love* and or what you would do differently.
  Until next time. This is your own personal *foodie~fashion~fall~military* loving sisters!

           Much Love, 
    Mrs Hooah, and Mrs Oorah <3

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