Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fashion Faves and Foodie Craves

Each one of us have things that stick with us continually.

For being a self described gypsy.... I have a lot (LOT) of things that stay with me.

Horses,anything cowgirl,country music, old movies, Celtic music, books ,wilderness,fairytales,military,and history just to mention a few.

But the two that I most often indulge in is food and fashion. Hilarious. But true.

Oh,oh and Fall. Fall is on that list.

I seriously cannot wait ,for fall!
 So to comfort my self I have been Fall scout shopping. Yes, ok basically just looking at pins of fall food and fall clothes. And ... Wishing I had a huge kitchen and an unlimited supply of money (seriously so matierialistic , I'm sorry.)

But here goes......
Have you SEEN this style of maxi dresses??? I know, total Little House on the Prairie..... But seriously, I love them!

The baby man heads off to preschool this fall, and he needs this backpack .

I know this looks really 90s but I really want to wear this untucked with these jeans .....

And these boots......

Talk about cute!

Ok,ok,ok... Food

Like, anything with dumplings. Please , and thank you.

Or gravy, cause ya know , beef +gravy+rice= yummy town.

Wait , what? Heck, yes.

Hope, my fall enthusiasts are properly yearning now. Love, Mrs. Hooah

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