Monday, August 17, 2015

Onion Lovers Pretzel Burger and mid week happenings

Remember when we went to pretzel town with that really awesome pepperoni sandwich? Ummmmm yummy. 

This is like that. But, not.

As in, it's very yummy. But, it's a smooth kind of yummy. 

We've got a lot of mellow flavor going on. 

Melted Swiss cheese

Sautéed onions

Basil pesto 


Pretzel buns

Hamburger patties. 

The mellow flavors balance out that sharp taste of these pretzel rolls.
Also. Onion rings for life! 

Andddddd gluten free Mac n cheese.

This is best with a crisp apple juice,or something sweet to drink , but NO citrus allowed , otherwise you will ruin the palette of this dish. I had mine with a tall glass of cold apple cider. Seriously soooo  delish! 


Now for a weekly update: our church is having a Conference on prayer and revival. It has been INCREDIBLE and I can't wait to share all that God is doing! Hey, when an invitation turns into the whole church praying, confessing sin, praising God for mercy, and claiming victory,and when it happens in a Baptist church to boot! Well, let's just say God is at work ;D 

The Soldier Man has had a relatively easy week concerning duty, and it has been a blessing, since we are very committed to the nightly services at church.

Great news!! I'm off of bed rest!!! Still under strict rules about activity, but many questions were answered and I do believe I am well on the road to healing!

Here are a few snapshots of our week so far.

The Soldier and babyman built a really epic fort.

So cute!

And I happened to get a rare snuggle/sleepy time with the babyman.

I read a one chapter booklet about Daniel Nash that changed my life.

Here is an excerpt:

Wisdom. ^

Have a beautiful day, dear Readers!! <3

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