Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Busy weekends and happy tummies and a ton of pictures ❤️

  Well my lovelies, we had a wonderful weekend. 

Filled with good food and amazing company, 

God has truly blessed us with some fantastic friends and we love the fact that we are able to host them on the weekends! 
Little miss K loved on missy S all weekend,

 it was full of kisses 

and baby rubs and *shhh baby don't cry, I will make it betters* .... 

Tons of giggles and splashing in the pool. It was wonderful !

   Along with our great friends, came good food, mr Oorah and myself have a dish that we absolutely love to make together *my favorite way to cook is with him by my side* it's a ground beef stir fry, 

I'll type up the recipe later on this week, but for now you can enjoy all the yumminess in the pictures.

The process is so easy peasy lemon squeezy.... Make up a pot of rice ahead 
of time, 

scramble some eggs, 

sauté some garlic onion, 

cook up and season some ground beef 

and add all the fixings together in a pot 

and you got some gourmet deliciousness ahead of you! Look at the food... Look at it and tell me that there would be leftovers! Nah it's too good to leave even the smallest morsel ! 

   I have a million and one things to do today, but I just wanted to stop by and say, much love and have a blessed day! Love your one and only Mrs Oorah❤️

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