Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mrs. Hooah musings

Hi there.

Don't mind the crazy pic, it was taken while I was off guard and ..... Well it perfectly describes the random mood I'm in right now. 

So. If your completely bored I'll let you in on a couple of thoughts and musings I've had of late. Along with my very favorite things, and some updates.

Buckle up.

1. I LOVE the brotherhood my husband has with many of his fellow soldiers. Tonight was a great night of visiting with a battle buddy , The Soldier Man hasn't seen in forever. 

2. I recently was interviewed for a babysitting job. In the interview the mother expressed how in the year that she has been here she hasn't been able to make one friend she could trust with her kids. I felt so ashamed that as Military wives it is so hard for us to trust each other. Small reminder mil spouses and service members , we are a family doing a hard job. Somebody has to do it. So let's do our job with enthusiasm , be friendly,and lift each other up. We will make our community a better place if we do so .

One night I was Cahrazzzzaaaayyyyy busy , so I made a dried soup pkg. I bought at the commissary . It was Corn and Potatoes chowder. I added some ham chunks, and it became the most divine soup EVER.

4. The Presidential Election. The initial reaction is. We are all gonna dieeeeeee!!!! From almost everyone, I get this.
Can I just insert a thought here?
Regardless of which party you vote for: WHY the freaking heck would we complain for YEARS about our government, yet when an election comes along our complete plan of action is :
A. Roll our eyes and say we don't like politics.
B.  Shoot our OWN party in the foot, face, anywhere as long as we make ourselves look good. It doesn't make us look good. We all look like a pack of Elementary aged children.
C. Blindly vote for someone because they are a certain party. PLEASE can we do our research like adults, and vote for the person we genuinely believe will help this country? More research than what party they rep, and the things they say on camara. 
I promise I'm not standing on a soap box. I'm not being sarcastic and judgy. I'm asking a question about something I'm GENUINELY concerned over. I don't care who you vote for, but can we please be responsible Americans here? Thought: is all of the above a result of selfish millennial men and women, who deal in first world problems all day, and their chief concern is themselves? Hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I would LOVE this shirt, and wear it all the . TIME.

My son was Larry for Trunk or Treat. Cutest thing ever.

6. Pinterest.
I've consistently been pinteresting 
Annndddd these;
Basically I went on a Disney Art binge, and then wanted long flowing locks of hair colored somewhere between my natural auburn, and flaming red. Yeahhhhhhhh.

Make sure and leave me feedback on your thoughts too 😜 

Ttyl. Mrs. Hooah


  1. The soup looks delish, Larry is beyond adorable, and everybody should vote. Amen!

  2. The soup looks delish, Larry is beyond adorable, and everybody should vote. Amen!


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