Monday, December 7, 2015

An update:

So. I went to post and decided to Check when the last time I posted was.......

Over a freaking month! 

I'm so sorry 😭

(Why am I apologizing to the empty Internet?)
Note: check my sanity

I went on a vacation to Florida.

I had an incredible Thanksgiving.

And I am now full blown into the Christmas season.

Insert cheesy grin.

For real .

Also. Ummmm I just thoughtlessly deleted ALL my photos , so go to my Instagram page if yall wanna check out all the cool stuff I've been up to.

Been hanging out over there lately.

Also on Pinterest. I really love Pinterest .

So without further eloquence here is what I've been doing.
Christmas Parade with these crazies ^

And a homeschool Thanksgiving talent show. These girls killed it! 

The SoldierMan at his promotion

 Coffee from Dunkin Doughnuts is liquid from heaven, and the perfect thing for after I workout.
And my awesome friend gave me highlights.

Well that's all for now, ttyl!

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