Wednesday, December 30, 2015

As life goes along...

Good Evening to my lovelies, 

     Life the past few days has been rather busy, nary a moment spent as down time. Oorah princess is growing, learning and progressing by leaps and bounds everyday. I can hardly keep up! She has learned how to clap and has discovered that by moving her mouth in different positions, she can make new sounds. So we say a lot of abba abba ~ baba baaaah ~ and last but not least dddddaaa da da sounds. This chickadee is going to say daddy first! I just know it, but somehow I'm ok with that! 
She can pull herself to standing and can sit herself back down! Crawls faster than a ladybug and has the appetite of hulk ... Not baby hulk, the really huge grown man hulk!

   Mr. Oorah has been slightly under the weather, so this wife/new momma has been trying to cover all bases and take care of my little family and get my love feeling better ... *side note* ( awesome asain sabao coming soon ) (sabao means soup for you late comers) ! 

   Gearing up for a new year! I can't honestly believe that tomorrow is the last day of 2015! 2015 you have been kind to me! A few highlights in the Oorah family life this year! I have so so so much to be thankful for. (Excuse me while I gush my happiness to everyone that will listen!)

Mr Oorah Love got promoted 

Baby Oorah was born into this loving family and has everyone wrapped around her pinky!

I am 20lbs down from pre baby weight 
And still going strong (gotta love having my husband as my trainer and motivater)

Princess bug got to meet one of her great great grandmothers!

I got my mom car! (It rocks!)

Oorah Love got a braaaaaaandnew car!
(Late Christmas present !) 

A few lovely visits to my parents! 
Always a treat in my book.

I got some Betty Crocker skills down 
(So many new exciting things to still learn) but thankful for the knowledge I have gained from friends and family alike!

Many unspoken prayers were answered this year and God has greatly blessed
My family! God is good all the time. Looking forward to another great year with so many new goals, plans, and dreams to lead the way! I can't wait to share all my adventures with you guys as we begin a new chapter, as we turn the years page and step into the unknown.

  Saying goodnight for night, I have family and a movie waiting on me.
  Until tomorrow my dears. 
All my love!
Your one and only
Mrs Oorah 



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  1. Happy new year! May the coming year hold blessings amidst the changes!


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