Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Always Room for Change...My Teething Chickadee

    Hello my darlings.    

   Today was a good day, so many times its so much easier to let the rainy weather get you down and hold you captive on the couch while you binge watch everything Netflix has to offer. I normally spend rainy days cuddling the bitty and dreaming of doing better in my home routine. Today, though, I overcame, I broke through the mold. Today the house was clean ( procrastinated my way through each room ) and dinner ( oven baked tilapia, with fresh lemon and garlic seasoning over rice ) was coming out of the oven when Oorah love, walked through the door. 

    I didn't want to, but I made time for my workout today, and practically forced my new workout partner to *partake or die* in my workout sesh! and we busted our backsides and killed our workout today, complete with yucky sweat, red cheeks and racing heart! She did awesome by-the-way! Who is this gem, you may ask?! none other than MRS HOOAH, and boy she was so helpful in making sure I didn't cut corners and gave my workout the 100% that it deserved! We are all about that facetime, distance has nothing on these sisters. So thankful to begin this new journey with my sis!

   Bitty child o` mine, popped her first baby tooth last night! ( I'm pretty sure I was more excited than need be ) ( a happy dance was had on my part). She has been such a trooper throughout this process, even when her little gums swelled up big and drool was her best friend. The past couple days she has been randomly munching on daddy's leg or chewing on anything and everything that she could fit in her mouth *including but not limited to* moms shirt, her new shoes, dads leg and shoulder, all of her stuffed animals and any food she can shmooze off of mommy and daddy! 

 Sunday we are starting a new series in church, titled, Creatures of Habit. I am so excited to dive into the Word of God and see what sermons our pastor has prepared! God is so good in my life and there is always room to improve, change and grow in His love. There are so many new adventures, awaiting our family this year. So many changes both exciting and terrifying and new and unknown, looking forward to learning how to break out of my comfort zone and make some new habits to better myself for my family. 


   Chickadee will be 8 months in a little over a week, I can hardly believe how much she has grown! She has the cutest personality and I couldn't have asked for a more darling little one to raise. Thankful that God gave me this opportunity to grow and learn as a mommy. Well thats all my musings for tonight. much love from me always.

    Moments from days gone by ....

   Love Always,
 your one and only
    Mrs Oorah.

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