Saturday, January 16, 2016

Currently; Mrs. Hooah

Currently , germs have gotten the best of me. I live off of Campbell's chicken and rice soup, and my throat refuses to get with the program and just feel better.

First world problems. 

But, in other news my Frankie Valli and Elvis stations on Pandora are getting a ton of attention.
Yeah. Thumbs up all the days.

Despite the ever nagging cold, I've dabbled in to what my spring look will be.
I'm really digging the whole Bridget Bardot soft/ yet voluminous look.
The images were nabbed from of course Pinterest. Where I find all my inspiration.
I'm thinking soft colors, with lots of denim to offset it. Like this with a great skinny jean. Also lots of lipstick!
And not just red. Avon is having a killer sale on lipsticks right now! I've got two new ones on their way. You can get in on the sale if you order from before the 26th.

And that's all for tonight folks, I gotta go take some NyQuil 😜

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