Thursday, January 7, 2016

Style Category: Cowgirl

I've always bought too many clothes.

I've always poured over magazines and now Pinterest looking at style after style.

I've always loved , loved, loved style!!!

Particularly... Western.

I know. Shocker.

I've always wanted to do a photo shoot featuring styles that I've put together.

And I've finally taken the plunge!!!

My lovely friend Brooke, agreed to model for me.
She was so gracious, considering she is an amazing photographer and I'm. Not.

But she helped me out so much during the editing and I learned a few great tricks!

So without further delay.
Here we go!
Think acid wash can't be western?or tasteful? Think again!!!
I love the way this looks tied up at her waist over the sundress!
You might recognize this dress as a Mrs. Hooah creation.

I freaking love this! She's not overly done, but the bling from her belt and her lipstick really complete this.
Proof that you can mismatch denim and still look great!
Btw the lipstick is Bold Bordeaux ultra color from Avon. And you can get it from me at
So essentially cowgirl. No trends, no fads, just style.
This was probably my favorite look 😍😍😍
I love the way this white dress makes her beads and lipstick pop!
I'm loving the turquoise and fuisha!!
Swooning over here! So gypsy. So cowgirl. So awesome!
Pattern mixing like a pro!! It was fun to mix this trend with western wear!
Wild rag is a Mrs.Hooah creation.
Floral and plaid at home on the range!
In a land of infinity scarves, this western take is refreshing .

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little style inspiration we put together! Look for more style posts coming in the near future!
Also? Check Brooke out at

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  1. I LOVE your descriptions! You are so talented in so many different areas! I had fun with you today. xoxo


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