Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Musings of Mrs Oorah

Hello my wonderful readers, today's post is brought to you by, a windy day and homemade food happiness!

   It's pretty chilly outside so bitty princess and I are bundled up inside, watching movies and meal planning! This weeks menu is homemade Chicken Pot Pie, Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread, Chicken stir fry, and of course Taco rice! Simple, easy, homemade goodness for the soul.

We finished up the pot pie leftovers tonight, tried it mixed in with rice and boy it was quite delicious. 
The crust is from scratch and was my first try! 

Also feast your eyes on my homemade apple pie (made last week but from the same pie crust) my first homemade pie and it was gone in two days!

This morning bitty and I worked on a project outside, we made a chalkboard menu, finished the painting and let it dry in the blustery wind. This evening Oorah love, helped me write out the menu and fill the board. (Picture below for proof that I was crafty) 

 I started a challenge on my Facebook and Instagram, a challenge to be happier and healthier this month, if you have an interest to be added just message me and we'll get an invite sent right away! This challenge is free and provides daily challenges in eating and exercise as well as support from others who have joined, I have already feel an extra sense of accountability which is just what I need to help me stick with this challenge! 

  Oorah princess is close to 9 months and weighs 15lbs! My little peanut has two teeth and loves to munch on everything! She has a hearty appetite and isn't picky in the least when it comes to food, especially if it is coming off of mommy's plate. She has gotten brave and has made it two or three steps with out support and can stand herself up and balance no problem. Each and everyday with this girl is such a blessing to me. Baby girl has taught me so very much. I've learned how to love like a mother, multi task like nobody's business and am learning patience as we grow together each day! Her  favorite thing is to FaceTime with her cousin and eat ! 

  Tonight's post is getting cut short because it's bed time for baby, time to sing lullabyes and dream of summer days, time to pray for peaceful rest and a cheery bright eyed babe in the morning (and a never ending supply of coffee for mom).

   Much love, 
 Mrs Oorah ❤️

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  1. I love the chalkboard menu plan, what a great idea!


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