Friday, March 11, 2016

Hello, again

Well old friend , it's been a long time.

PCSing (military moves) are no joke, and drawn out..... Seeing as how I'm typing this while sitting in the comfort of my folding chair surrounded by boxes that I can't unpack, because I don't have the furniture to put the items in the boxes away in. Whew! Say THAT ten times fast.

Despite sleeping on your fast deflating blowup mattress for the umpteenth time, moves are not all bad.

I love experiencing new places, seeing new things , and adventuring.

I got to see buffalo fighting in the snow.
This was not in a petting zoo , people.

I can't begin to post ALL the pictures, and All the information,,,, because really my attention span keeps going back to the FOOD I tried! Lol . But seriously, to check out ALL the adventure go find thislittlecowgirl on Instagram , and you can be caught up.

Now, since this IS a food blog, I'll get to the grind.

Within the past weeks I've been gone, I've discovered how to successfully cook bone in skin on chicken that ISN'T crazy unhealthy.
Enter a no filter, and terribly shot / but super crazy delish, BBQ baked chicken .
I used thighs and drumsticks.
Also! Insert mom of little guy tip. For some reason my kid PREFERS a drumstick better than anything else. Boy, are the fire outta this stuff. Mom win!

Now this was cuhrazzzzyyyyy simple.


Cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil.
Tablespoon of olive oil spread over the foil.
Oven at 400 degrees.
Chicken coated with your favorite bbq dry rub.
Bake chicken uncovered for one hour, turning chicken over about every 20 minutes or so.
Chicken is done when completely golden brown on all sides, and meat is tender.
Brush with favorite bbq sauce , cover and let rest for about 10 min.
You will need SEVERAL napkins.... Just sayin.

Now, because this recipe was so YUMMY I just had to try doing chicken again.

So let me introduce you to yet another terrible photo of REALLY good food.

This time was a little different.
I cooked this in a shallow baking dish with sweet potatoes. The seasonings were...
And olive oil
Super simple.
Again make a dry rub of the seasoning and chop up a sweet potato, and 1/3 an onion.
Coat your baking dish with olive oil.
Same temp as the first recipe(400)
But chicken coated with dry rub, potatoes, and onion in dish all together and bake uncovered for an hour.
The last 15 minutes add frozen peas.

This was so YUMMY and insanely simple , I hope you give it a try. 

All my love, Mrs.Hooah

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