Saturday, March 19, 2016

Style Category; Vintage Fusion

Hello Beautiful Readers,
 It's time for another style category post!
Spring is just starting and these looks have me feeling fine!
Let's dive in.
1.Bye Bye, Birdie
First up is all vintage. I toned down the hair a little, and did soft curls with a little bit of volume.
The dress is an original by me.
Sweater was bought at Goodwill for 99 cents.
Wedge sandals, also Goodwill.
Necklace is Seabreeze by Premiere Designs.
Glasses are from Claire's
Lipstick is from Avon.

2. Jumpsuit dreamin'
Jumpsuits,and Rompers, are making a HUGE comeback. Typically a 70's style, I was reluctant to even give this trend a try.
But, when I saw this boho inspired one hanging on a clearance rack at my PX, I had to try it on. It is the most comfortable thing I have EVER worn. I've worn it twice now, and have felt like a million bucks both times. The wedge peeptoes are from Maurice's and the headband is from Claire's. Necklace from Walmart.
Jumpsuit from the PX ( Army Post Exchange) on clearance. Belt and sandals from thrift stores.

3.Big Hat Baby
I'm in LOVE with vintage sun hats. I got this one at Walmart for like 5 bucks.
The tunic is Motherhood maternity (no ,I'm not pregnant, but I really loved this top so I got it.)
Leggings are just your basic black ones that you can find virtually everywhere. . Sandals were from a random Thrift store.
4. Springtime Sadie Sue
So this look is actually a sun dress with a peasant top pulled over it, and layered with a belt.
Dress and Blouse are from my local PX.
Boots are Durango.
Glasses from Claire's.
Necklace Walmart.
Well, I hope you've enjoyed this style category; Vintage Fusion.
Now go out there and be amazing!
Much Love, Mrs.Hooah

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